The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a holistic system of massage and movement education that rejuvenates and organizes your fascia to improve the body’s structural alignment and functioning. The ultimate purpose is to manifest your full potential.

Fascia is our largest organ and the least understood. You may visualize it like a 3D spider web of tissue that surrounds and penetrates every single structure in our body including muscle, bone and organs. It is involved in everything you do.

The flesh-coloured, curved strands are muscle fibres that have be split apart from each other and the whitish material between the muscle is the fascia that has also been pulled apart.

The fascia you may be familiar with are plantar fascia, tendons and ligaments. But fascia is not different parts in our body such as how bicep muscles are different than the tricep muscles in our arms. Fascia is one continuous, interconnected and coordinated material. It's composition and function changes from area to area with the requirements of the area. For example, the fascia of the side of the thigh is dense, strong and not nearly as flexible as say the soft, delicate and pliable fascia surrounding our digestive organs. The side of the thigh must sustain incredible forces both against it (from bumps and falls) and to hold the femur stable in the joint. The fascia surrounding the digestive organs doesn't sustain frequently impact force and must constantly expand and contract with digestion.

The flesh-coloured strands are muscles and the whitish material surrounding and between the muscles is the fascia.

Practitioners of Structural Integration such as myself, are able to adjust the fascial network to change the body structure, function and movement. Our goal is to improve the health and organization of your fascia with the ultimate goal of improving the distribution of the force of gravity through your body structure. See Rolf's quote below and some links to further expand your understanding of fascia.

Fascia 101, 6:59mins

Brief Discussion of Fascial Restriction and Chronic Pain, 2:25mins

Video of Cadaver Dissection/Manipulation of Fascia: Fascia and Stretching, 5:12mins

Video of Up-close Fascial Tissue: Strolling under the Skin, 28:52mins

My techniques relax and soften tense and tender areas, then unravels the patterns of strain and stress embedded in your structure. As natural posture and healthy functioning returns, you look, feel, perform and live much better.

Experience it for yourself.

A tight and achy leg becomes supple, relaxed and pain-free by softening and releasing tight connective tissue in the back of the leg.

"Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to the earth and its gravity field, and we so organize the body that the gravity field can reinforce the body's energy field. This is our primary concept." - Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing and Physical Reality.

Improve your body and enrich your life.

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