GIFT TREE - $10 - Trees still available for planting in 2013 !

Benefits of & how Gift Tree works

What is awesome about Gift Tree?

Each tree will improve the environment in so many ways,

it shows you and others that nature is important,

it gives kids the experience of learning and connecting with nature as they plant your tree in an environmental class run by P.O.W.E.R. in spring/summer,

it creates NO packaging waste or clutter in our lives,

is an amazing deal* and easy to buy.


1) Online through Paypal - write your message for the copper tree tag in the "Comments for Erica" box (see image below)

What it looks like when ordering tree through Paypal


2) Contact Erica to handwrite your message on the copper tree tag and pay at your a nearby studio.

*INCREDIBLE DEAL! Buy now at the low introductory price of $10, which includes: the tree and personalized copper tag, planted locally for you, G.P.S. coordinates recorded, monitored by an Environmental Scientist, and a fun report with photo emailed right to you.

This is our first year of the program so Tree Gift is offered for super cheap - get them before next year's prices go up.

Improve nature and enrich your life.

Balanced structure of pebbles


Erica Tickle

Phone: 416-704-3651


Halton, Greater Toronto Area, ON

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON