Greening Business

I've structured my business and chosen practices and products that have as positive an impact on the environment and people as possible. Looking back, the choices were easy, inexpensive and have made huge benefits to my business and to clients:

  • each studio location has public transit almost right to the door
  • many studio locations reduce car emissions - rather than many clients travelling long distances to one location, I travel to various locations using a fuel-efficient vehicle, bike or public transit
  • community partnerships to share space - because I'm not operating in each studio everyday, other practitioners and organizations use the space when I'm not there - this reduces the required space- and eco-footprint of each business while reducing our operating costs
  • when at work, I choose the climate control setting that maintains a comfortable environment but requires the least energy
  • when leaving work, I turn off all electrical loads (including ghost loads for example by unplugging the sound system) and choose the most energy-efficient climate control setting
  • choose thermally-insulated curtains to really help create a comfortable climate and reduce use of climate control system
  • eliminate the need for all high-energy demand office machines and choose energy-efficient products and setttings
  • maximizes natural lighting to avoid turning on lights
  • eliminate paper products - only when paper products are necessary (i.e., toilet paper, forms that must be signed) I choose greener products (i.e., EcoLogo, FSC, contain recycled materials) and recycle when possible
  • choose durable products that don't need replacing
  • eliminate all dry cleaning needs by choosing washable textiles
  • choose eco-friendly cleaning products and cold water when possible
  • grow plants indoors and outdoors to improve air quality and beautify spaces
  • choose locally-made products
  • choose eco-friendly furniture
  • opt-out of unnecessary mail correspondance
  • minimize or eliminate packaging whenever possible
  • choose refillable pens
  • choose reusable dishes and a litter-less lunch
  • choose reusable bags
  • choose organic
  • start your own green project - my passion is the wonderous complexity and efficiency of forest ecosystems so a portion of profits from Rolf Massage goes towards a reforestation program I created and run called Gift Tree which purchases, plants and monitors trees on behalf of Gift Tree customers. Personalized messages are engraved on a beautiful copper tag that is attached to the tree when planted. Trees are planted by local school children who learn about the trees and their environment in outdoor educational classrooms run by an environmental not-for-profits organization. The customer receives a fun report that includes location coordinates, a beautiful photo, and information about the tree. A year later a similar report follows up on how the tree is doing.
  • volunteer with an environmental organization (such as P.O.W.E.R.) makes a positive difference in the environment and community while developing skills and connections
  • recycle
  • compost
  • donate used electronic goods and batteries to not-for-profit organizations that ensure they are disposed of properly and receive funds that go towards community projects

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Erica Tickle

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